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How To Earn

5 Ways to earn money with Lamour

Referral Bonus

Distributors will earn a once off commission on every downline or another distributor who joins Lamour through them.

Sales Profits

Distributors can earn Profits above 80% on their Personal Sales by selling Lamour Perfumes products to their customers.

Rank Advancement Bonus

Achieving higher ranks within Lamour comes with bonuses. These bonuses can be significant and serve as incentives for distributors to grow their teams.

Downline Rebates

Level Commission

This commission is earned based on the sales volume generated by your downline members up 3 levels deep, as per the company’s compensation plan.

Leadership Pool

A percentage of the company’s total sales volume is allocated to a leadership pool. Distributors who achieve higher ranks and meet specific criteria can qualify for a share of this pool.

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