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You cannot get what you want in just a short period of time. Success takes a lot of hard work, time and patience. You cannot have it just become you want to. You need to wait, work for it and trust the process – You’ll get there.

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Lamour Perfumes is a business that offers entrepreneurs from all walks of life the opportunity to achieve sustainable financial success without the risks, frustrations and complexities of so many other businesses.
We will gladly assist you with advice and ideas to get you started.
Some of our Distributors are part-time to supplement their income and others eventually resigned their full-time jobs to be able to pursue their goals of becoming financially independent with Lamour Perfumes.
Your future with L’ Amour could be filled with great financial rewards, professional growth, personal satisfaction and fun!
With its low start-up costs, great products and one of the best reward systems in the Direct Selling / Network Marketing Industry, fine quality and affordable perfume products, Lamour Perfumes has been a valuable source of income to thousands of Distributors.

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